We were thrilled to have Rufus the Bobcat visit our school, November 8, 2012 to help us celebrate a successful start to the school year! Our Spirit Assembly focused on the Character Traits we have learned about so far this year (Respect, Responsibility and Honesty). Rufus helped lead cheers for Eastover and definitely got the students and teachers moving and dancing!!

11-8-12 Spirit.Rufus.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.crowd.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.Rufus3.JPG

Rufus posing with two parent volunteers (Katie Zeck and Tammy Basinger) who were dressed as Eastover students to share a skit about Respect!
11-8-12 Spirit.Rufus5.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.Rufus2.JPG

Here, teachers are demonstrating how difficult it is to put toothpaste back into the tube once it's been squeezed out. Similarly, it's hard to take back hurtful words once they've been expressed.
11-8-12 Spirit.toothpaste1.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.toothpaste2.JPG 11-8-12 Spirit.toothpaste0.JPG

September and October Character Trait award winners were recognized during the assembly..

11-8-12 Spirit.award0.JPG 11-8-12 Spirit.award1.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.award2.JPG11-8-12 Spirit.award3.JPG