For February, our character trait is citizenship.
Citizenship could be defined as: being an informed, responsible and caring participant in your community. People who are good citizens provide service to others, try to be generous, are good role models for others, and they show patriotism to their country.

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Week 1:
Thought for the week: It is amazing how one act of kindness can lead to another. Remember our Eastover chain. Start spreading kindness today!

Kindness Chain

Week 2:
Thought for the week: How can you spread kindness? A simple act of kindness can save a life!

Simple Acts of Kindness

Week 3:
Thought for the week: Do you see things in your own life that are unjust? Don’t wait for your world to change, make a difference today.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Week 4:
Thought for the week: What about being an American makes you the most proud? Stand up! Let’s hear your voice! Remember if you are a good citizen then we can all continue to be proud Americans.

Proud to be an American