For March, our character trait is COURAGE.
Courage could be defined as: doing the right thing in the face of difficulty and following your conscience instead of the crowd.
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Week 1

Think about moment: We all have difficult choices to make, and that takes courage. Today, use your courage to do the right thing. Remember at Eastover we are confident that you will be successful.

Title: Courage and Kindness – The Blind Side

Week 2

Think about moment: Do you need courage like the Cowardly Lion, or are you like Dorothy who needed courage to stand up for her friends?

The Cowardly Lion - The Wizard of Oz (6/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

Week 3

Think about moment: It takes courage for Connor and Cayden to overcome diversity every day, but just like Connor and Cayden – together we can do anything!

Title: Sports Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year: Conner and Cayden Long

Week 4

Think about moment: Courage means different things to different people. It only takes one person to make a difference. Can you be that one person? (while you are saying this, point your finger at the screen)

All About Courage Song (song-stories about courage by Mr. Stanley)

Character Ed Winners for Courage

Pre – K:
Ms. Buchanan- Christina McManus
Ms. Nigra – Nicole Mclean

Ms. Hooper – Catchie McDonald
Ms. Cargle – Preston Manning
Ms. Jones – Sophia Carfaro
Ms. Duckett – Eileen Maddox

1st Grade:
Ms. Petersen – Doug Oxendine
Ms. Castle – Delonnta Davis-Simmons
Ms. Dilworth – Notorian Thompson
Ms. Duvernay – Rod Stafford

2nd Grade:
Ms. Hutchison – Cole Chitester
Mr. Mark – CeCe Broadfoot
Ms. Williams – Lila Slayden
Ms. Crawley – Kaia Delozier

3rd Grade:
Ms. Y – Jestevie Mpembu
Ms. Bender – Kiessence Worthy
Ms. Frazier – Ellie Wiener
Ms. Barksdale – Christopher Young

4th Grade:
Ms. Harris – Camila Carvajal
Ms. Doerre – Ben Browne
Ms. Holmes – Buck Lewis

5th Grade:
Ms. Hill – Jenny Loselle
Ms. Bacha – Amelia Steffens
Ms. Casseus – Morgan Smiley