Why does the Eastover PTA raise funds?
Eastover PTA raises funds to maintain the high standard of educational materials and programming that take place every year at our school. Our PTA is called upon to finance programs and purchase needed equipment that CMS dollars do not provide. Programs such as chess, cultural arts and science activities, literacy materials and countless more are purchased with your donations; materials as simple as extra paper and pencils are purchased by the PTA. All funds raised are spent on programs for the current school year.

How many fundraising “asks” occur throughout the year?
There are 2 large PTA fundraisers that will occur this school year. They are Invest in Your Child and Boosterthon. Other activities throughout the year, like the Book Fair, Art by Me and Field Trip T-shirt sales also fund the PTA budget. The 5th Grade Trip committee may execute smaller fundraisers throughout the year, but these fundraisers are not PTA-sponsored. These fundraisers are completely separate from the PTA budget and solely fund the 5th Grade trip.

What is the timeline of the fundraisers?
Invest in Your Child takes place for 8 weeks in the Fall (September-October). Boosterthon takes place in April.

What is Invest in your Child?
Invest in your Child is Eastover’s yearly direct giving campaign. Our PTA budget is established based on our campaign goal for that year.

What is Boosterthon?
Boosterthon is a fundraiser that promotes fitness, leadership and character through an on campus fun run. It allows our children to get directly involved in supporting our school.

What is the difference between Invest and Boosterthon?
Invest is our Fall fundraiser (though donations can be made to the PTA at any time), and the majority of funds from Invest go directly to the PTA’s Dedicated budget. A small percentage of Invest funds will be retained to cover operating expenses as needed. Boosterthon is our spring fundraiser and fitness/character/leadership program. Proceeds go directly to the PTA's Dedicated and Operating budget, depending on need.

Why are there specific fundraising activities that only support the 5th grade trip?
The annual 5th grade trip is not a PTA event. Fundraising for the 5th grade trip varies year to year. The 5th grade trip is organized by parents and teachers, as well as the students themselves. The 5th graders will work to help raise money to go on the trip; this is part of the learning experience, and has become a “Rite of Passage” at Eastover

Are all donations tax deductible?
Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Eastover Elementary PTA is tax-exempt.

Can I direct my United Way contribution to Eastover Elementary?
Yes, you may direct your contribution to Eastover Elementary School. In doing so, please contact PTA Fundraising Chair Lindsay Jones, lindsayhawfieldjones@gmail.com, and indicate your are giving via the United Way. These contributions may be eligible for a matching program as well.

Does Eastover still look for community donations?
Any individual may contribute financially to the PTA. Eastover has well established relationships with many neighborhood businesses and appreciates any offer that supports our PTA mission of excellence in education and an enriched learning environment for our children.