SOAR 2015

Summer of Academic ReadinessJune 12 - August 30

Thank you for your participation in this year’s SOAR program. We had a wonderful end to the SOAR celebration on Friday, September 11th! As a school, Eastover students read 12,389 hours this summer! What a wonderful accomplishment! Every grade level met their reading goal for the summer and will receive 15 minutes of extra recess and popsicles for their hard work!
  • Kindergarten: 1,765 hours
  • 1st Grade: 2,620 hours
  • 2nd Grade: 1,727 hours
  • 3rd Grade: 2,258 hours
  • 4th Grade: 1,669 hours
  • 5th Grade: 2,359 hours

During SOAR week, we collected money and books to celebrate our SOAR success! On Wednesday, September 9th, we challenged each child to bring in 80 cents to donate to a local Charity. We collected $275 to donate to Read Charlotte! On Thursday, September 10th, we challenged each grade level to donate 80 books for our Eastover classroom libraries. We are elated to announce that as a school, we collected 904 books!

Many Eastover students met their grade levels goal (K: 15 hours, 1st-5th: 30 hours). Please click here for a full list of students. We also want to recognize the MANY Eastover students that made it into the 80 Hour Club by reading at least 80 hours this summer! For a full list of class and individual awards, as well as those students receiving prizes with our drawing at the SOAR assembly, please click here.

Thank you again for your participation in SOAR! We are so proud of ALL of our Eastover students for their hard work this summer!

SOAR Committee
Meredith Sorrell
Leesa Clardy
Katy Harvey
Justine Moroz