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Time to Start SOARing, Eagles!

SOAR (Summer of Academic Readiness) has been a tradition at Eastover for many years. SOAR focuses on encouraging our students to continue reading and learning over the summer.

How can YOU be part of SOAR?
Track the hours you read or do other learning activities over the summer by downloading a SOAR log here. Turn this log in at school on or before September 6th. It’s that easy!

How will you be rewarded for your hard work?
  • Turing in your SOAR Log = SOAR t-shirt
  • Every 10 hours of reading = Raffle ticket for raffle drawings
  • Top reader per grade Level = Principal for a day
  • Class per grade with highest participation = Reward party
  • Each grade level that meets its grade level goal = Reward

SOAR Grade Level Goals:
Rising Kindergarteners: 15 minutes a day for at least 60 days o 900 minutes/15 hours
Rising 1st-5th Graders: 30 minutes a day for at least 60 days o 1800 minutes/30 hours

Why do we SOAR at Eastover?
Studies have shown that kids who do not read or practice math skills over the summer come to school 2 to 3 months behind. The US Department of Education found that, generally, the more students read for fun on their own time, the higher their reading score.

How can you earn SOAR hours?
SOAR hours can be earned and a variety of ways. You can earn hours by reading, doing math, writing or learning another creative way.

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